5 Steps You Should Be Taking In Slip and Fall Cases

We've all been there before, whether it happens in a parking lot, a restaurant, a grocery store. You slip, trip or fall. Sometimes it can result in serious injuries. If the slip is actually the fault of the property, you could be entitled to compensation. If you do slip and fall, you should be aware of 5 very important steps you need to take after the slip, trip or fall accident.

Seek Medical Attention

Although this step should be obvious, a slip and fall injury can leave us disoriented. Sometimes we'd prefer to wait and see how things are. However, if time proves that your injuries are more severe than you thought at first, it's important to get careful documentation of your injuries.

Report the Accident

It doesn't matter where the accident happened; find the person in charge (the manager, the owner, the landlord, etc.) and report the accident to them. You'll also want to have them write documentation of the incident and give you a copy that you can retain for your records.

Document Everything

When proving any type of case, it's important that you document everything. Get names and phone numbers for people involved, witnesses, the owner of the building or establishment, etc. Make a note as to where you were, what caused the slip and fall accident, the time of day, the weather, etc. The sooner these details are documented after the incident, the more reliable the information.

If possible, take pictures of where the accident happened. If there are factors that contributed to the fall (such as a crooked sidewalk, an icy path, or a spill) you have no guarantee that it will still be there in a day or two.

Do Not Give a Statement

Unfortunately, in some cases, people think they are being good citizens and giving a statement to the property manager or the insurance company. Don't do this. Wait for your lawyer and allow them to speak for you in a slip and fall case. Refrain from either claiming or placing blame.

Call a Lawyer

If you're considering legal action for your slip and fall cases, you absolutely need a lawyer by your side. These slip and fall cases tend to be very complex and difficult to prove. If you are hurt and have medical bills, or are unable to work, a lawyer will help you get the compensation you need to pay your bills.

Most slip and fall attorneys offer a free consultation where you can discuss your case. For a free consultation or to learn about your legal rights contact Welmaker.