Are There Advantages to Accepting a Case Settlement Offer?

Forget what you may have seen on TV. When it comes to personal injury law, most lawsuits in Texas are settled out of court. Often, the defendant chooses to make a case settlement offer rather than go through the time, expense, and effort of going to trial. There can be advantages to accepting a case settlement, and you should discuss these with your personal injury attorney in San Antonio if the defendant in your case makes a settlement offer.

When the other party makes a case settlement offer, it gives you certainty about the outcome of your claim. The other party making an offer is essentially their concession that your claim is superior to their defense. A case settlement is a hard figure that you can count on receiving as compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering, etc. However, rarely is the case settlement offer the figure the full amount you are pursuing; it's usually a mid-range figure, and both parties negotiate to a point somewhere between what you want and what the defendant is willing to offer.

When reviewing a case settlement offer, one critical factor is whether you have permanent injuries or disabilities as a result of a motor vehicle accident, work accident, etc. If you do, you must carefully forecast your long-term care and medical expenses and any impact the injury will have on your earning capacity. This is imperative because when you accept a case settlement offer from the defendant, you release them from any future liability. As such, you will be responsible for any future medical, pharmaceutical, or surgical expenses.

A benefit of accepting a case settlement offer in a personal injury case is that it saves time. It is not unheard of for personal injury cases to take years of litigation to resolve. Accepting an offer now can save you the time and disruptions associated with going to trial. This can have significant mental health benefits, so it is worth discussing the option with a San Antonio personal injury attorney.

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