Are You Eligible for the Crime Victims' Compensation Program?

Many automobile accidents in Texas occur in conjunction with criminal activities such as DWI's and hit-and-run accidents. When criminal behavior causes an accident, accident victims' rights mean that injured parties or their survivors can file claims for compensation from the Crime Victims' Compensation Program (CVC). This is especially helpful in hit-and-run cases and other accidents where it may not be possible to find the responsible party due to a lack of witnesses, evidence, and leads.

Understanding Victims and Claimants in Texas

Victims can include individuals who died or suffered personal injuries as a result of the crime. They can also include individuals who aided a crime victim, as well as first responders who suffered injuries or fatal injuries responding to the crime.

Claimants can include the individual, the individual's guardian (if a minor or otherwise incapacitated), as well as anyone assuming legal responsibility for any of the individual's related expenses. Most importantly, claimants can be dependents of the deceased and any immediate family member requiring mental health services as a result of the event.

Eligible Claims

In order to pursue CVC compensation, the crime has to have taken place in Texas. The crime must be reported and documented by law enforcement, and individuals are required to cooperate with the investigation.

There is a three-year statute of limitations from the date of the crime. However, in cases where the individual was a minor, or there is an extenuating mental or physical reason for the delay, this can be flexible. That being said, it is inadvisable to play that lottery and hope that the presented reasons are considered valid.

Finally, there are exclusions to claims. Individuals who participated in the crime, contributed to the crime, or presented false information in their CVC claim are excluded from pursuing claims

Documentation and Timeframe

Once submitted and approved, case managers will review law enforcement reports, medical records, medical billing statements, employment records, etc. The process from acceptance to decision is usually between 30-60 days. If payment is approved, these are mailed within 10 days of the decision. If not approved, individuals have the option to appeal.

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