Auto Accident Apps Every Driver Should Know About

Every driver should take steps to proactively protect themselves every time they get into a motor vehicle. Installing an auto accident app is one way to do this. There are apps available that can help record evidence, call for assistance, and provide guidance on the steps you need to take when an accident occurs. These apps are constantly evolving and the following are some of the most popular apps drivers are currently using.


This crash detection app automatically detects when you have had an accident. It allows you to preload emergency contacts that can dispatch help when an accident occurs. It also identifies the nearest medical facility no matter where you are in the world.


Available for Android phones, this auto accident app turns your cell phone into a dashcam. Dashcams are legal in Texas and you can use the data recorded as you pursue an auto accident claim. If you have an Apple phone, Nexar provides the same reliable peace of mind.

Wreck Check

Created by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), Wreck Check is available on Apple phones and it guides you through the immediate aftermath of a motor vehicle accident. This auto accident app provides superb guidance on gathering evidence and recording critical details of the crash. It is very similar and equally as valuable as AxiKit which works with both Android and Apple phones.

American Red Cross First Aid

Moments matter when a car wreck occurs and it can be many minutes before first responders arrive on scene to provide assistance. The American Red Cross First Aid is an auto accident app that can guide you through everything from CPR to tying a tourniquet. The apps easy to use interface allows you to quickly find the information you need and initiate potentially life saving first aid before fire, police, or EMT's arrive.

Also check with your insurance provider to see what apps they offer. Allstate, Progressive, State Farm, Geico, and many others have developed a tailored auto accident app for their clients to use. These apps can help expedite the claims process which can expedite your physical healing and any repairs your vehicle may require.

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