Be Prepared With an Auto Accident App in Your Pocket

"Be Prepared." It's not just a motto for the Boy Scouts; it is a motto for everyone to follow. Because you never know when a car accident will happen, it is advisable to download an auto accident app to your phone just in case you ever need to use it. It takes a few moments and is an investment that can save you hours of frustration if an accident occurs. The following are some smartphone apps that make it easy to report accidents and collect critical evidence to support your auto accident claim in Texas.

AAA Mobile

This app works on both iPhone and Android. AAA members can use it to request immediate assistance. And, with the GPS tech built into the app, they know precisely where you are located. This is a useful app for people who love taking road trips.


SOSmart automatically detects when you are in a motor vehicle accident. It will immediately notify your pre-selected emergency contacts, such as 911, spouse, caregiver, etc. In a situation where you are incapacitated in the crash, this app might save your life.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video collected by an auto accident app is worth 10,000. CamOnRoad turns your smartphone into a dashcam. Texas law is neutral on the use of dashcams, thus drivers can place these in their windshield. The recorded video can be entered as evidence to support a car accident claim in San Antonio.

Help! I Crashed My Car

The moments after a collision are nerve-wracking. You will be under stress, possibly injured, and possibly very angry. Help! I Crashed My Car is an Android app that makes it easy to notify first responders, loved ones, and your insurance company. It also walks you through what information you should gather and how to preserve evidence related to the accident.


AxiKit is an iPhone app that guides you through the steps you need to take when a motor vehicle accident happens. This auto accident app helps you record contact information and eyewitness statements, take photos, and document the facts for easy retrieval.

We encourage you to contact Welmaker Injury Law at (210) 828-6033 to discuss the importance of having an auto accident app on your phone. We are happy to tell you about how we can use the information these apps gather to pursue your claim.