Can Good Nutrition Expedite Recovery From Personal Injuries?

Can good nutrition expedite recovery from personal injuries? Whether you have suffered sprains and strains, or more serious injuries requiring surgical intervention, a healthy diet is just what the doctor ordered. While good nutrition alone won't heal your body, it can help alleviate symptoms and ensure your body has an ample supply of the nutrients it requires as your recovery progresses.

Fill Your Plate With the Following Nutrients

  • Protein will give you an energy boost. It will also help soft tissues, muscles, and organs repair themselves.
  • Vitamin C is the building block your body uses to produce the collagen your body uses to repair tendons, ligaments, and surgical damage.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids can help clear up infections and alleviate inflammation. It is also theorized that it can minimize scarring.
  • Vitamin D and calcium are essential for healing bone injuries.
  • H2O is often overlooked as an essential nutrient, but following an injury, you should also increase water consumption. This helps facilitate faster transportation of oxygen and nutrients in the bloodstream.

And, don't forget to add fiber to your diet to help ease constipation that often accompanies the use of pain medications.

Don't Overdo It

Your body can only process x amount of nutrients per day. If you consume more nutrients than your body's ability to metabolize protein, vitamins, water, etc., it will provide no added benefit to your recovery. It may also hinder your healing and potentially cause secondary health conditions you will need to address.

Further, stay away from supplements and pills that promise miracles. Dietary supplements are a notoriously loosely regulated industry. Often, the pills peddled by dietary supplement manufacturers fail to perform even the slightest benefit to your health. More frequently, supplements are known to cause organ damage and create negative interactions with medications.

Thus, it is best to follow your doctor's dietary advice. If possible, work with a registered dietician who can help customize a menu based on your age, physical health, and type of injury. When combined with exercise, rest, and adherence to "doctor's orders," a good diet is a crucial building block toward recovery.

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