Car Accident Statistics Every Driver Should Know

Car accident statisticsMany people will tell you that you put yourself more at risk when you drive in a car than you do when you get on an airplane. Although this idea might not calm your fears about flying above the clouds in a huge aircraft, it should make you want to learn more about current car accident statistics in order to stay safe on the road. Every driver who gets behind the wheel should understand the risks involved and with this activity. The following are car accident facts and information every driver should be aware of. Causes The causes of today’s auto accidents vary. They include disobeying traffic laws such as running red lights and speeding. In addition, many are a result of alcohol use. During 2012, over 10,000 individuals died in alcohol related crashes on U.S. highways. Another common cause of vehicle crashes is fatigue. Studies indicate that an estimated 1 out of 6 crashes involve drowsy drivers. Furthermore, distracted drivers are a major threat on today’s roads and cause a significant number of crashes – especially when they are using cell phones. Fatalities Unfortunately, some car accidents are tragic and take the lives of innocent victims. The families of these victims often work with an auto accident attorney to ensure that they are fully compensated for their losses and that the responsible party is brought to justice. During 2012, over 33,500 individuals lost their lives in traffic accidents. This means that, on average, a death occurred every 16 minutes. Injuries Millions of people are injured in U.S. traffic crashes each year. The following are some car accident statistics over the years to help drivers understand how many people get injured as a result of these situations:
  • 2.93 million injuries in 2002
  • 2.89 million injuries in 2003
  • 2.79 million injuries in 2004
  • 2.54 million injuries in 2006
  • 2.35 million injuries in 2008
  • 2.22 million injuries in 2009
  • 2.24 million injuries in 2010
  • 2.21 million injuries in 2011
  • 2.36 million injuries in 2012
These statistics should help drivers understand that traffic crashes and resulting injuries are common on today’s roads. If an accident does happen, contact an attorney you trust to help you get the compensation you deserve. Call (800) 494-1916 today for a free case consultation with an experienced auto accident attorney from Welmaker Law Firm.