Consumer Beware: Lawyer Reviews Aren't Always What They Seem

It's natural to read reviews when you want to find a personal injury lawyer. After all, one of the best ways to tell if an attorney has the skills and legal expertise you need is to read the reviews of former clients and peers in the legal field. While the 21st century has made it easier to find this information, it has created plenty of opportunities to manipulate the information you find.

Ratings Are Only Part of the Picture

Avvo and other popular rating sites only look at part of the picture. Their ratings do not include appellate opinions, courtroom wins/losses, State Bar records, and other critical factors that show an attorney has the skills and knowledge required to represent clients. Rather, these sites primarily base their ratings on peer references provided by the attorney. These are a good place to start, but not end, your search for a personal injury lawyer.

Google, Bing, and Yelp Are Sketchy

As with professional legal publications, consumers should be wary of reviews they find online. As with any industry, consumers don't often leave positive reviews when they are satisfied with a service or product. However, you can bet they will always complain when they are unsatisfied. Thus, you may find an excellent attorney with two or three negative reviews and assume they are not up to representing your case. When in reality, they may have hundreds of delighted clients.

Moreover, unscrupulous attorneys may attempt to manipulate their reviews. They can hire people to post positive reviews and keyword them for SEO so that positive reviews are found while negative reviews are buried further down the list.

So, How Do You Find a Personal Injury Lawyer?

The best way to find a personal injury lawyer is to schedule a free consultation. By meeting with the attorney, you can ask direct questions about their legal background, win/loss record, legal strategy, and their opinion about the merits of your claim. A free consultation is more than an opportunity to learn about the legal merits of your claim; it is an opportunity to interview an attorney so that you find a well-qualified one to represent your claim.

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