Critical Details That Attorneys in San Antonio Need To Know!

When you pursue a personal injury claim, car accident claim, or workers' compensation claim in Texas, your relationship with your attorney is critical. Attorneys in San Antonio work hard to pursue your claim and protect you against the tactics that the other side is sure to employ to avoid paying your claim. As such, you must be truthful, forthcoming, and "shoot straight" with your attorney. Even if – and especially – when it may be uncomfortable. To that end, the following are just some of the things you should tell your attorney as you set out to pursue a claim.

First, tell your attorney about any accidents you have had in the past, whether it's a car accident, work-related accident, motorcycle accident, boating accident, etc. It is very common for the defense to use these to establish that your injuries were pre-existing and not the result of the accident you are pursuing a claim for against their client.

Similarly, tell your attorney about any health conditions you have or have previously had. Whether it's heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc., your attorney should have a complete picture of your medical history. Again, defense attorneys can use this information to argue that your injuries result from illness and not an accident.

Have you been to jail? Were you ever an involuntary guest of the state prison system? Your attorney needs to know your criminal history. Whether you have a bevy of traffic tickets or a felony in the closet, your attorney is not going to judge you for your past. But, the other side will, and you can bet they will perform a thorough background check and scour public records for any information to impugn your credibility and deny your compensation claim.

Have you filed for divorce or filed for bankruptcy? If you secure a settlement, creditors, state child support agencies, and ex-spouses can file liens against the settlement. If your attorney knows about these beforehand, they can take steps to help protect your award and ensure that the money is available to cover these liens and that you have the compensation remaining to cover the cost of your injuries.

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