Don't Delay Your Own Recovery

Your body needs time to heal following a personal injury-causing accident. Physical (and financial) recovery won't happen overnight, and it is important that you make adjustments to your lifestyle to heal your body. The more proactive you are, the sooner your bones, joints, muscles, and organs will regain their strength and function.

Watch Your Diet

Make sure that you are eating a healthy, well-balanced diet. For many injuries, physicians will recommend you eat diets rich in specific vitamins and nutrients as part of your treatment plan. Stock your refrigerator and cabinets with the recommended foods and plan meals that pack the maximum nutritional value for your needs.

Give Up Bad Habits & Adopt New Ones

Smoking and drinking impair your immune system and dull your body's ability to heal. It's not enough to just "cut back" on these; you need to cut them out entirely. These are not easy habits to give up, and it's ok to use nicotine replacement therapy, online counseling sessions, etc. As you give up unhealthy habits, adopt new ones that help you relax. Short walks, reading, Yoga, and Tai Chi require minimal physical exertion and can help you gradually regain your physical strength while protecting your mental health.

Don't Overdo It

It is easy to say, "oh, I'm fine. I can do everything I did before!" Don't. Wait to do physically intensive tasks such as landscaping, home repairs, moving to a new home, exercises, etc. until after your doctor has cleared the activity. If you are not fully recovered, you can exacerbate your injury or cause a secondary injury that can prolong your recovery for months or even years.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Sufficient sleep is essential for recovering after a personal injury. While you sleep, your body recharges your immune system and produces more white blood cells that target inflammation, infection, and the damage caused by your accident.

Avoid Stress

Adjust your work schedule and tasks as much as possible to minimize stress. Further, avoid unnecessary stress as much as possible. Stay out of political debates, turn off the news, and avoid any activity that causes your blood pressure to spike.

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