Don't Depend on Energy Drinks To Combat Driver Fatigue

"But, officer, I drank an energy drink, so I couldn't have been tired..." is not a defense that will stand up in a Texas court. Whether you're trying to drive after a double shift or hoping to squeeze a few extra miles into your vacation travel schedule, beware of the promises of energy drinks. These drinks can do more harm than good, and often, the resulting crash when the effects wear off can make you more vulnerable to a crash with real-world consequences.

Caffeine + Sugar = False Sense of Security

If you read the label on almost every energy-boosting beverage on the market, you will see the first two listed ingredients are sugar and caffeine. These give most consumers a temporary boost in energy that can last from 10-45 minutes before the effects peak and start to wear off. This duration depends on the individual's age, overall health, and other nearly impossible factors to estimate accurately.

The result is that many drowsy drivers who consume energy drinks may feel secure and confident in their ability to operate a motor vehicle, when in reality, their focus, dexterity, and responsiveness are gradually declining. Even worse, energy drinks have a steep drop-off in effectiveness. It's not a gradual curve, and many consumers can feel wide awake and alert one minute and fall soundly asleep the next.

Driver Fatigue & Driver Liability

Fatigued drivers are dangerous drivers, and Texas statutes hold them accountable for the motor vehicle accidents, personal injuries, and wrongful deaths they cause. Driving while drowsy is a negligent driving behavior that is easily avoided. Moreover, drivers who state they consumed energy drinks before an accident effectively admit they were drowsy and negligently exposed themselves and others to enhanced accident risk.

Take a Nap, Don't Take a Swig

The most effective method for countering driver fatigue is to take a rest. Pull off at a rest stop, take a nap, then get back on the road when you're rested and ready to drive. It's more effective than caffeine drinks, energy drinks, coffee, or other substance at ensuring you can keep your eyes wide open and safely operate a motor vehicle.

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