Don't Forget To Disclose Previous On-The-Job Injuries If You Suffer a New On-The-Job Injury

It is natural to focus on the present when you suffer an on-the-job injury. However, it is also vital to remember the past and to remember to report any previous work-related injuries. Failing to properly disclose these injuries can result in the denial of a workers' compensation claim or a personal injury lawsuit. In a worst case scenario, it could also result in a fraud charge being filed against the claimant. This is why we strongly recommend all individuals take the time required to ensure their physicians, physical therapists, etc., have all the information they need to properly treat any work-related injury in San Antonio.

Thorough History Is Crucial for Accurate Treatment

The more thorough your history, the more accurate the treatment the physician, physical therapist, surgeon, etc., can offer when it comes to medical care. For example, disclosing work-related broken bones, nerve injuries, toxic exposures, etc., makes it possible for the medical team to apply the appropriate surgical procedure, pharmaceutical care, and physical therapy to speed your recovery. Further, previous injuries and treatments provide a guidepost regarding what has worked, what hasn't, and what's feasible given your current health status. Thus, it is in your best interests physically to ensure your disclosures are as thorough and accurate as possible.

What About Non-Work-Related Injuries?

As with work-related injuries, it is also advisable to report non-work related injuries and to identify them as such. This is because employers and their insurers in San Antonio will argue that these injuries are either a Major Contributing Cause to your current on-the-job injury and thus not their responsibility. Or, they will argue that the previous injury is, in fact, the current injury that you are seeking compensation for and thus not their responsibility at all. Again, documenting your previous injury and submitting it may be uncomfortable. Still, it is better to defend it than to risk facing a denial of a claim or a charge of workers' compensation fraud.

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