Driver Safety Tips For Teen Drivers

Teen drivers account for some of the worst car accidents. More often than not, these accidents are preventable with some smart driving safety measures. Here are some of the most useful tips for teen drivers.

Keep Your Cell Phone Off

This is a big one. Studies show that driving and texting is equivalent to driving drunk, when it comes to safety. Even hands-free cell phone use should be avoided, as it still takes your attention away from the road. Most states today have laws prohibiting cell phone use while driving.

Turn Your Headlights On

The whole point of using your headlights is to increase visibility--both your own visibility and other drivers' visibility of your vehicle. In the early morning hours and early evening, around dusk, you should always be using your headlights.

Always Obey the Speed Limit

Speeding is a big factor when it comes to car accidents and teens. This is especially true on roads and highways with a lot of cars. When driving on a busy road, don't feel pressure to keep up with the leading cars. Often, these cars are speeding. Limits are in place not only to maintain traffic flow, but also to minimize casualties and danger of traffic accidents.

Minimize All Distractions

Amazingly, far too many of us get too comfortable in our car, believing that multi-tasking is acceptable. You shouldn't be drinking, eating, putting on clothes, doing your hair, or putting on makeup when you are driving! Not only are you putting yourself in danger by doing this, but everyone around you is also at risk.

Wear Your Seatbelt

Seatbelts save lives, plain and simple. When worn the right way they can help prevent you from being thrown outside the car, up against the dash, or into the window, which can prevent major injuries and death in many cases.

Even in a low-speed accident, a seatbelt can greatly reduce injury and recovery time.

Nothing replaces experience or wisdom when driving a car, but in the meantime, as a teen driver, if you follow the driver safety tips above, you can dramatically decrease your chance of being hurt in a car accident or hurting someone else.

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