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San Antonio Injury AttorneyA 22-year-old man who crashed into an oncoming vehicle while driving the wrong way on Highway 151 this past weekend was arrested for suspected driving under the influence of alcohol. Both the wrong-way driver and the driver of the other vehicle involved in the crash were trapped in their vehicles and had to be freed by responding firefighters. The wrong-way driver was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. He is listed in critical condition and will be facing charges of driving while intoxicated. The other driver is recovering from non-life threatening injuries. Drunk driving is a serious offense that can land the offender behind bars. Victims of drunk driving accidents deserve compensation for their pain and suffering, medical bills and other losses that resulted from the accident. Most people know that they can sue the drunk driver for their injuries, but what most don't know is that they may also be able to sue the pub, bar, social host, or restaurant that served alcoholic drinks to the driver under Texas' dram shop laws. Drunk driving accident victims and their families should seek the legal advice of an experienced San Antonio injury attorney who can help them get justice and fair compensation for their injuries.

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