Enjoy Summer Fun Without a Slip and Fall Accident

Summer is right around the corner and that means that swimming pools around San Antonio are gearing up to do a brisk business. While pools can offer plenty of fun, they are filled with plenty of perils, too. Adhering to the following recommendations can help you avoid a slip and fall accident that can send your summer plans right down the drain.

Watch Children Carefully

Children are at greatest risk of suffering a fatal swimming pool accident. From Memorial Day through Labor Day in 2018, 148 children under the age of 15 died in swimming pool accidents. 21 of these fatalities were in Texas. Younger children are at greatest risk and roughly 76% of all drowning deaths in the country involve children under the age of 5. Children must be monitored closely at all times and should never be allowed to swim unattended in either public or private swimming pools.

Slipping on Water Socks Stops a Slip and Fall Accident

Water socks and other non-slip soled shoes feature strong treads that help you maintain traction as you walk across slippery tile, wood, concrete, or stone. Thus, even if there are spills and pooled water within the swimming area, you won't slip as you step into the water or settle into your seat.

Avoid Dangerous Pools

Pools that are poorly maintained or insufficiently monitored should be avoided. An insufficient number of trained lifeguards, broken masonry, cracked concrete, missing handrails, etc. are red flags that you should not ignore. When maintenance and monitoring are ignored, it indicates the swimming pool operator has a lax attitude towards safety that can result in a slip and fall accident.

Speak Up & Stand Firm

Many slip and fall accidents at swimming pools occur as the result of "horseplay" such as children running around the pool and people deliberately pushing others into the water. When you see these behaviors, notify lifeguards and facility managers immediately. Further, taking active steps to remove yourself and your children from the area until the dangerous behavior stops can help you stay standing on a firm footing.

Clear Away Tripping Hazards

Paths and walkaways around the swimming pool should be free from tripping hazards at all times. These include chairs and loungers, towels, toys, and other objects that can cause you to lose your footing. Removing these potential hazards can go a long way towards keeping you safe.

Walk, Don't Run

It is old advice, and it is still the best advice for preventing a slip and fall accident. Walking slowly around the pool, up ladders on the diving board, and along the paths leading to the swimming pool is the most effective way to stay standing.

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