Finding Experienced Accident Attorneys

When you are looking for accident attorneys who can handle your case, one of the best things you can do is make a short list of options so that you can find the partnership that suits you best without feeling overwhelmed with too many choices. Once you have a list of potential accident attorneys, you can evaluate them based on the criteria that you feel are important to pursuing a productive case. Here are some strategies to consider as you begin compiling your list:

Ask Friends and Family

If someone you had positive experiences working with accident attorneys, they will be thrilled to tell you about the experience and provide contact information. While additional research is still necessary, reliable recommendations are an excellent starting point. Just keep in mind that no two cases are alike, so even if you work with someone who comes recommended by friends or family, you may not have the exact same case experience they did.

Ask Other Attorneys

Even if you are not familiar with any accident attorneys, the attorneys you know in other areas of specialization will likely know a few accident attorneys whose services they are happy to recommend to you.

Lawyer Directory

A lawyer directory can also help you find accident attorneys, and allows you to narrow your search to a specific city or zip code. If you use an online directory, you will also see reviews from past clients and information about their educational background, areas of specialization, and state licenses.

Look Online

A lawyer directory is just one online resource you have at your disposal to find accident attorneys who may help your case. A general search engine can help you find accident attorneys in your area, and may even allow you to sort results based on their proximity to your home or work, if geographic convenience is an important factor in your search.

An online search can also help you identify local accident attorneys who have experience with cases similar to yours and who offer free consultations. While not all accident attorneys offer complimentary consultations, those who do are providing you a tremendous opportunity to get to know them -- and vice versa. A consultation gives you time and space to ask questions about their background and to decide if you feel comfortable around one another. It also gives accident attorneys a chance to ask about the accident and its aftermath, and to assess your legal situation.

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