wrongful death

The Funeral Rule Protects You as You Grieve

When a wrongful death occurs, it is often sudden and unexpected. One of the first things you will have to address is the funeral arrangements for your deceased loved one. As you grieve your loss, it's important to know your rights and the ways the Funeral Rule protects you from financial harm and unscrupulous business practices.

Transparent Pricing & Billing

The Funeral Rule requires funeral directors to provide you price information over the phone at your request. They are legally obligated to provide you a general price list that outlines the total cost of funeral items and services. This includes caskets, cremation, urns, organists, interment/inurnment, etc. When a wrongful death occurs, it is advisable to thoroughly review these prices and confirm the prices of the services and funerary items you choose to purchase.

Prior to payment, funeral service providers are obligated by law to provide you a written statement that itemizes precisely what was purchased and the total cost of the item/services.

Packages, Caskets, and Alternative Containers

Many funeral service providers package their services. While these are convenient, you often end up paying a premium for these packages. As a result, many grieving families choose to forego these packages. You are under no obligation to purchase a funerary package.

The Funeral Rule allows you to select a casket, urn, or alternative container of your choice. For cremation, you can opt for fiberboard, cardboard, pressed wood, etc. for the procedure. Further, crematory operators are required to provide you with a list of available alternatives. You may purchase these from a company of your choice and have them delivered to the funeral home/crematory; the Funeral Rule prohibits service providers from refusing these or charging you a surcharge for using them.

Finally, embalming is not required by law in Texas. Funeral homes are required by law to receive your consent in writing or verbally prior to embalming the deceased. Funeral homes that embalm without your consent cannot charge you after the fact for the service.

Please accept our sincere condolences for your loss. When your family suffers a wrongful death in Texas, our team is ready to help you recover compensation from the party or parties responsible for their death. Contact Welmaker Injury Law at (210) 828-6033 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your wrongful death claim.