A Good Photograph Is Worth Thousands of Dollars

Photos are worth more than words; they can be used to establish liability following a motor vehicle accident. When it comes to protecting accident victim's rights, it's essential to know how to take a good photo of the scene. The photographic evidence you gather could make all the difference toward establishing fault and securing a settlement.

Take Photos Immediately

If physically able, take photos before the police arrive. Make sure your photos are timestamped. This helps establish the precise conditions present as near as possible to the time of the collision. While taking photographs, stay alert for traffic conditions and potential hazards. Many motorists suffer personal injuries and fatal accidents while waiting for first responders to arrive.

Don't Use Filters or Other Tricks

You are not aiming for a Pulitzer. Moreover, using filters and other photography tricks and tools such as Photoshop can call into question the authenticity of the evidence. It is ok and indeed recommended, to use a flash, but leave out all the other tools and editing tricks.

Take Overview Shots

Get overview shots of the accident scene that includes everything from traffic signals and trees to buildings and other vehicles in the area. These can help establish whether there were obstructions in the road, whether traffic signals were properly functioning, road conditions, weather conditions, etc.

Take Close-Ups

Take close-ups of damage to your vehicle and the other vehicle. Also, take photographs of any personal injuries such as scratches and bruises of everyone involved in the accident. Make sure that you photograph everything from broken glass and deployed airbags to the vehicle's interior and any damaged personal possessions.

Photograph Documents

It would help if you photographed license plates of vehicles involved in the accident, and those owned by witnesses to the crash. It would be best if you also photographed driving licenses, insurance policies, any notes you take, and police reports.

Make Copies

Digital data gets lost very easily. Make sure that you immediately copy your photographs to multiple locations. Ideally, you will want to put one copy on a hard drive, one copy along with a statement on a USB for your attorney, and one on a secured cloud platform.

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