Helping Loved Ones With a Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury doesn't just affect the individual who suffers the wound; it causes ripples that spread to friends and family. As the days become weeks and the weeks become years, it is essential to learn how to help loved ones move forward and regain as much independence as possible.

Practice Patience

Patience is the cornerstone of recovery, and it is vital to be patient with your loved one. They may struggle with communication and mobility, and their frustration may manifest as anger, depression, and anxiety. Be patient when this happens, and ask that they be patient with you as you learn to help them with their needs.

Plan, Prepare, and Organize

Plan to help your loved one for as long as necessary. They will need you to help them recover from their traumatic brain injury and regain their independence. First, do what you can to adjust your finances, work schedule, and family life to assist your loved one. The more prepared you are, the more capable you will be of providing practical assistance. Next, help your loved one get their life organized. This involves every aspect of their life from cleaning their home and paying bills, to doctor's appointments and food shopping. This will create a structure that can help your loved one relax and focus on their therapy regimen.

Take a Break from TBI

TBI is mentally, physically, and emotionally draining. Getting your loved one out of the house and doing the things they enjoyed before the injury is imperative. It can go a long way toward helping them recover. Follow your doctor's advice and adhere to any physical limitations, but do get outside to do and discuss matters beyond the injury as often as needed.

Stay Actively Informed

Family members responsible for caring for a loved one with a TBI must learn about the injury, treatments, and prognosis. This helps you understand the road ahead and the challenges you may face. It also helps you identify potential therapies and procedures you can discuss with your loved one and their healthcare provider if you are their legal guardian.

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