How to Protect Grocery Store Workers During a Pandemic

Each day clerks, baggers, stockers, and so many other people keep grocery stores around San Antonio open for business. These essential workers are going above and beyond to make sure the shelves are stocked, and our carts are full. The number of COVID-19 infections in Texas passed 21,000 on April 22nd. It is a fact that highlights the importance of protecting those at most considerable risk of contracting the virus, those who are in constant contact with the general public, and who don't want to contact a workplace injury attorney when this all ends.

Protecting Grocery Store Workers

Grocery store workers should wear masks at all times while working. If possible, N95 masks are the most effective. If unavailable, there are several homemade solutions that individuals can craft that are nearly as effective.

Individuals should also wear latex, rubber, or plastic gloves when handling goods or currency. This helps protect against contact transmission that can occur if the individual touches a contaminated surface and then touches their eye, ear, nose, mouth, etc.

It's also important to regularly and thoroughly wash hands. Twenty seconds of washing with soap and water is ideal. If not possible, applying hand sanitizer consisting of at least 70% alcohol will suffice.

Finally, grocery store workers should stay home if they're feeling under the weather. Individuals exhibiting signs of coronavirus infection should proceed to the nearest testing site to determine whether they have a cold, flu, or COVID-19.

What the Public Can Do

Grocery store workers are doing their part to get us through this extraordinary time. It's up to the rest of us to do our part, too. Individuals should limit their shopping trips and avoid browsing store aisles. Get in, get out, and go home. The less time you are in the store, the less chance of incurring a potential exposure. Further, leave children, spouses, and partners at home whenever possible.

People who are feeling sick or have a confirmed COVID-19 exposure should avoid shopping trips altogether. Current advice is for these individuals to self-quarantine at home to avoid potentially exposing others to the virus.

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