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How to Report a Defective Product

Defective products are a considerable threat to consumers. Whether it's a battery that overheats and causes a fire, or a loose wire that causes electric shocks, consumers should promptly report defective products. Prompt reporting helps protect other people in the community from harm. When you have a defective product, it is essential to file a report with the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Filing a report is easy to do and takes just a few minutes.

Your report needs to include the following information:

1. Your full name and contact information, including address, phone number, and email. This information will remain confidential and will not be shown in any publicly accessible databases. CPSC staff may contact you to clarify or confirm the details of your report; however, this should not be expected.

2. A complete description of who you are. Are you a consumer who used the product at home, or a professional who used the product at work?

3. A detailed description of the product. Include the make, model, serial number, and other identifying information.

4. Name of the manufacturer or entity that imported the product into the United States.

5. Date of the incident.

6. Details of the incident. Include information about the type of defect, the circumstances surrounding the incident, and the specific type of injury or death that occurred. It is crucial to be as specific as possible when reporting these details as it will help investigators determine the precise type of defect.

7. Grant permission to publish the report on This is the CPSC's publicly accessible database. Granting your permission allows the general public and other people who have experienced similar problems with the product to see your report.

8. Verify that all of the details you have submitted are correct and accurate.

9. Allow or deny CPSC to provide your contact information to the manufacturer or private labeler. You are not required to do this; however, if you consent, these entities may contact you to verify details of the report.

The team at Welmaker Injury Law can help you file a defective product report with the CPSC. We invite you to contact us at (210) 828-6033 to discuss the problems that you experienced, the steps you can take to protect others, and how to recover compensation for your injuries, property damage, or death of a loved one.