Important Information to Give Your San Antonio Accident Lawyer

san antonio accident lawyerWhen people are injured in an accident, they may find that they need legal help to get the compensation they are entitled to receive. Still, they may have never dreamed they would be part of a legal battle. If you find yourself in this situation, it is a good idea to provide your San Antonio accident lawyer with enough information so that he or she can build a winning case. Information-Sharing Occurs Early On When a San Antonio car accident lawyer takes on a client, the first step is usually for them to learn more about the case. He or she will collect information from you, some of which will eventually be shared with the opposing side. An attorney will typically ask for information such as:
  • A statement from you about what happened and the injuries you suffered
  • Names and contact information for any witnesses
  • Records of medical expenses, car repairs, and other costs associated with the accident
  • Any pictures or other documentation of the injuries you suffered
It is important that clients provide these types of information as soon as possible. This will allow their lawyer to thoroughly evaluate the case and to begin planning how best to move forward.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

An experienced accident lawyer in San Antonio is equipped to deal with whatever facts exist related to your situation. It is important to share everything you believe could be relevant to the case, even if you are concerned that something might work against what you are trying to prove. A skilled attorney will be able to weed out the helpful facts from those that could potentially hurt the case. He or she can come up with a strategy to soften the blow if there are issues that do not work in your favor. Clients who hire a quality accident attorney can rest assured that their legal interests will be protected. By providing their attorney with all relevant information, they are doing their part to have a successful case. Call 210-828-6033 now to schedule a FREE case consultation with an accident lawyer from the Welmaker Law Firm.