Loose Lips Sink Settlements

When you seek legal assistance, one of the first things your attorney will do is sit down with you and give you a list of things you should and should not do. You must adhere to your attorney's legal advice, which is likely to include the following suggestions.

1. Say Nothing, and Sign Nothing.

You are under no legal obligation to speak with your insurance provider, the other party's insurance provider, or the other party's legal counsel. In fact, it is best if you say, "Please speak with my attorney." Further, never sign anything without first having your attorney look it over. While it may seem like an innocuous request, you never know when a sentence, paragraph, or simple phrase can cause serious harm to your claim.

2. Delete Social Media.

You should delete your entire social media presence from the moment you pursue your claim until after the settlement check has cleared. This does not mean creating alternate profiles to mask your true identity; it means stay off of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., entirely until after your case is settled.

3. Don't Talk with the Press.

Most personal injury cases in Texas get very little attention. However, if there is any facet of your case that garners media interest, you should never speak with the press without your attorney. What you say during an interview can be used by the other party to prepare a defense that will dispute your claim.

4. Don't Discuss Details with Friends and Family.

Private investigators, researchers, and other parties hired by the defense team can discover all sorts of information by reaching out to those closest to you. The less they know about your case, your strategy, and the legal assistance you are receiving, the less they can accidentally tell these people in an unguarded moment. While it's natural to create a small cadre of confidants for advice, always make sure your circle is small and secure.

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