Make Sure Your Boat & Trailer Are Ready To Hit the Road

Before you can roll across the waves, you have to make sure your boat and trailer are ready for the road. It's basic driver safety, and failing to inspect and secure the boat and trailer can sink your day off before it starts. Whether you are heading down for a weekend on the Gulf or heading over for fun in the sun at Lake Medina, the time you spend preparing for the trip is worth its weight in gold (and good times!)

Check the Lights

Confirm the trailer lights are properly connected and lit up. Test your running lights, turn signals, brake lights, and hazards for correct operation. Remember, trailer lights should be on at all times, even during the day.

Check the Load

Check that you have distributed the weight evenly within the boat. Party supplies, fishing gear, luggage, and other items can alter the trailer's center of gravity. When you load your boat, make sure the weight is evenly distributed from bow to stern and port to starboard.

Check the Hitch and Chain It Up

Make sure that your trailer hitch is snug and secure and that the ball isn't rolling around. Once secure, be sure to cross and attach your safety chains. The chains should have just a little slack to allow for turns but should not be so slack they can reach the ground.

Inspect the Tires

Make sure the rubber is in good condition and isn't suffering from tire rot. This is especially important if the trailer has been sitting still all winter. You will also want to make sure there are no flat spots and that the tires are correctly inflated and holding air.

Test the Brakes

Never travel down the road with a boat on a trailer until after you test your brakes. One of the first rules of driver safety and hauling a trailer is to remember that you will need more time to slow down to a complete stop or complete turns when towing a trailer. As such, always account for this, otherwise you may end up jackknifing if you attempt to stop too suddenly.

We hope you have a fun summer. However, if your trip to the lake turns into a trip to the hospital, contact the team at Welmaker Injury Law. We will be happy to learn more about your injuries and explain your options for pursuing compensation.