Preventing a Slip and Fall Accident When Landscaping

Spring is here and that means that you'll likely turn a keen eye towards the landscaping around your home. As you trim the bushes and clear the weeds, it is important to take precautions to avoid a slip and fall accident. Sand, grass clippings, and loose masonry are formidable hazards. The following tips can help you stay safe as you beautify your property.

  • Water the grass last. Wet grass and clippings can be as slick as ice, so it is best to wait to water it at the very end of your chore list.
  • Check the traction on your shoes. Wearing shoes or boots with solid treads will help you maintain an upright position while you work.
  • Promptly repair broken masonry. Whether it's a loose flagstone on the walkway, damaged boards on the deck, or broken concrete on the driveway, promptly fix these damages using the appropriate repair techniques.
  • Mark your holes. If you are digging garden beds, post holes, or other groundwork, make sure that the holes are properly marked so that you won't slip into them.
  • Watch your cords and hoses. Always wrap up your cords and hoses when not in use.
  • Clear away the clutter. Make sure not to leave grass clippings, piles of leaves, dirt, lumber, or other debris laying around. It's best to remove these as promptly as possible.
  • Don't lift everything. Whether you are moving bags of fertilizer or covering bare areas with sod, ease the burden on your back and knees with wheelbarrows, dollies, and garden carts.
  • Check your ladder. If the rungs, stays, locks, or other components are damaged, discard your ladder and purchase a new one. Remember, a new ladder is always less expensive than a hospital emergency room.
  • Don't drink and dig. Stick to tea and water to stay hydrated, and save the "adult beverages" until the work is done and you are ready to relax.
  • Work when it is light. Don't work past dusk, when it is hard to see. Also, avoid working when it is raining, as wet surfaces can easily cause a slip and fall accident.

The team at Welmaker Injury Law hopes you have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the beauty of your landscape this summer. However, if you do have a slip and fall accident, contact us at (210) 828-6033 and we will help you recover compensation for your injuries.