Product Safety and What It Means For Consumers

Over the course of their lifetime, most people will purchase a number of products. These may include automobiles, food, toys, appliances for their home, supplies for an office setting, cosmetics and more. A majority of the time when a consumer buys these types of products; they work fine and do what they are supposed to do. When they don't work fine and don't do what they are supposed to do, they often lead to injury or even death.

When a manufacturer becomes aware of an issue with a product or a service they are selling due to a product, the law requires that the defect must be reported. Unfortunately, not every business reports to a product safety agency and may instead ignore the defects and subsequent injury caused because of those products. No matter what the reason they decide not take action, it is illegal and not okay.

Product Recalls

It has become more and more prevalent over the years to hear about product recalls. You hear them on the local and national news, you see them on your Facebook newsfeed, and you hear about them from friends and family.

Between 2014 and 2015, 12 different automobile makers recalled somewhere around 19 million vehicles due to product safety. The main reason for these recalls was a simple airbag issue that turned deadly.

On 2015 another issue was brought to consumers attention - a bed handle recall happened after a 4th person's death was blamed on the product.

This isn't exclusive to furniture and cars either. It also happens with high chairs, toys, strollers - even clothing. In 2015, another company made a clip on highchair and then sold 13,000 units of it in the US. If one clip on the highchair became undone a child's hand could get stuck in it which could and did cause children's fingers to be amputated.

In other claims, the clip on front detached completely and children dropped out of these chairs and were injured when they fell to the floor.

There are even hidden hazards in the food you eat, the medicine you take, and the cosmetics you put on. For example, Tattoo ink, was recalled back in 2015 because it was contaminated with bacteria.

When a manufacturer ignores the safety and well-being of its customers, it should be held responsible for its decisions. Thankfully the legal system has put in place different product safety laws so families and individuals can pursue legal action against these companies and get compensation for wrongdoing, injury, and death.

As a consumer, you purchase products from these companies, eat their food, use their cars, etc because there is an unsaid trust between you and the company. Unfortunately, when a company knowingly puts out a defective product and puts a person at risk - this is a violation of trust that should not be broken.

If you find yourself in one of the above situations or one that requires legal action, you should know that you can and should hire a lawyer. This is not something you should be doing on your own. An attorney knows about these different product safety laws, recalls, and can stand up to corporate lawyers, where you may not be able to.

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