Protecting Construction Workers By Preventing Falls in the Workplace

San Antonio and Dallas have some of the most robust construction sectors in the state. New homes, office complexes, retail centers, and other facilities are sprouting like wildflowers from the Texas soil throughout the region. The stable construction sector means plenty of new jobs, and with that, plenty of new, often unseasoned employees that businesses have to train and equip. Specifically, it means ensuring that these new employees don't suffer slips, trips, and falls in the workplace. Therefore, employers in San Antonio and surrounding communities have a duty of care to their employees, including the following basic protocols and training.

Roof and Scaffold Safety

Roof safety is vital, and nearly every year, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, 300+ workers die from falls in the workplace, and a further 10,000+ are injured in falls. Of these, roughly one-third are due to falls from roofs, one-third result from falls from ladders, and one-fifth are because of falls from scaffolding.

Preventing these falls requires:

  • Ensuring workers receive proper training on how to navigate roofs, walkways, and scaffolding.
  • Closely monitoring the erection of scaffolding and ensuring scaffolds are properly cleared, maintained, and repaired.
  • Providing appropriate safety equipment, including fall arrest systems, side rails, and anchors.
  • Closely monitoring weather conditions and halting work when high winds, rain, or other climatic conditions make working on roofs or scaffolding particularly hazardous.
  • Implementing a fall protection program that incorporates safety checks, equipment inspections, fault reporting, and a "buddy" system wherein employees always work in pairs while on scaffolding.

Ladder Safety

Ladders are inherently dangerous, and slightly more than half of all fatal falls from ladders are suffered by construction workers. This highlights the importance of several key factors that can reduce the risk. Effective steps that employers in San Antonio can take to reduce the risk of falls in the workplace include:

  • Properly training workers how to inspect, use, and maintain the ladder.
  • Supplying the appropriate industrial or commercial ladder for the required task.
  • Monitoring employees to ensure that they are not overloading ladders or raising ladders on uneven or unstable surfaces.
  • Replacing damaged, defective, or worn-out ladders.

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