Prune, Trim, and Mow With Caution This Spring

Spring is here, and that means you are likely turning your attention to all the landscaping ahead of you. As you plan to prune, trim, and mow, be careful with the tools you use. Each year, thousands of injuries and numerous fatalities are caused by defective products used for gardening and landscaping. Before using any new garden tool, make sure it isn't a tool that could send you to the hospital.

Lawn Mowers

Defective lawn mowers may not start/stop properly, lose power while in motion, or suddenly accelerate if braking systems malfunction. There are also instances of poor product design, causing gas tanks to ignite or explode without warning. For these reasons, it is imperative to avoid purchasing defective lawn mowers by checking the CPSC list to ensure your lawnmower isn't subject to a recall notice.


Always use the right ladder for the job, and never use a ladder that is missing rungs, bent, or has damaged/missing safety devices. You should also confirm the ladder is properly manufactured, tested, and compliant with regulatory standards. This may take a bit of work, but it is work that just might save your neck.

Weed Trimmers / Edgers

Weed trimmers, or "weed whackers" have been subject to numerous recalls over the past 20 years. This is usually because of a defective product design that allows the trimmer blade to detach and become airborne. Other problems include improperly balanced designs that can cause operators to lose control over the device while in operation. These problems are also common with edgers designed to trim around sidewalks and garden beds.


Chainsaws make quick work of trees that need a trim. But, they can also make quick work of an arm or a leg if they malfunction. Faulty ignition systems can cause fires, or poorly designed handles can cause the operator to lose control over the chainsaw. These failures caused by defective product design can result in hand/finger/leg/arm amputations, traumatic eye injuries, deep lacerations, or catastrophic injuries to the torso.

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