Pursuing Vehicle Property Damage Following a Car Accident

Car accidents can cause considerable damage to your vehicle and your personal possessions. When you are in a motor vehicle accident, you will want to recover fair compensation for vehicle property damage. When the other driver is at fault, it is reasonable to expect that the other driver or their insurance provider will compensate you for the financial losses you incur.

Damage to the Vehicle

In most accidents, it is the vehicle that suffers the most significant damage. When dealing with a damaged vehicle, you and your insurance provider will need to determine if the vehicle can be repaired or if it is a total loss. Even if the other driver has accepted fault for the accident, it is vital to notify your insurance provider about the collision. This is a crucial step that you do not want to overlook because it can result in cancellation of your policy. It can also leave you exposed to legal expenses and financial losses if the other party files a counterclaim against you.

If the vehicle can be repaired, you will want to pursue an amount that is sufficient to cover the cost of repairs. If it's a total loss, you will want to pursue a claim that covers the fair market value of the vehicle. When calculating these costs, be sure to include any upgrades you made to the vehicle. You can claim compensation for upgrades such as wheel rims, stereo equipment, light/sound systems, specialty tires, lift kits, etc.

Finally, you can also pursue transportation expenses following an accident. This means you can claim compensation for public transportation, rental vehicles, Ubers, etc. that you need to use while your car is undergoing repairs.

Damaged Personal Property

Your ability to recover compensation from an at-fault driver isn't limited to the damage the vehicle suffered. You may also claim compensation for mobile phones, laptops, GPS systems, personal jewelry, glasses, clothing, child car seats, and other contents that were damaged or ruined in the crash.

As with all claims, thorough documentation bolsters your position. Thus, any receipts for personal property or photographs of the damaged items can help establish the replacement value of the item and the extent of the damage.

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