See Something, Say Something if You See a Trip Hazard on City Property

Broken sidewalks, potholes, obstructions, and other slip, fall, and trip hazards are abound. When these are located on city property, the city should promptly mark, secure, and repair the damage to protect the general public from harm. While the city is legally liable for any injuries that occur, it's a big city, and crews can't scour every inch of the city each day looking for potential hazards. Fortunately, everyone can help to make the sidewalks, streets, parks, and other public areas safe and accessible.

Reporting Sidewalk Damage in San Antonio

Shifting soils, car accidents, and heavy rains can all damage public sidewalks. This is a common trip hazard. Residents can report damaged sidewalks to the City of San Antonio Public Works Department by submitting a brief form or calling either 311 on San Antonio's 311SA mobile app or at 210-207-6000.

Reporting Potholes in San Antonio

Potholes are another type of street damage that can create a considerable trip hazard. As with sidewalks, there are numerous potential causes, and the city is liable for repairing the damage before individuals suffer personal injuries. Again, individuals can call 311 to report potholes on any street within San Antonio.

Reporting Downed Trees in San Antonio

While the heavy winds that blew through the country over the past few months haven't caused much damage here, that's not to say they won't blow through in the future. When heavy winds, construction, or other events cause tree limbs to fall, Public Works should remove downed limbs from parks, parking lots, sidewalks, and streets. These can be reported by dialing 311 or calling 210-207-6000.

Liability for Injuries

City agencies are immune from many lawsuits, but they are liable for accidents and injuries caused by their negligence. For instance, they are not liable for a wet or damaged sidewalk but are liable for an unreasonably damaged sidewalk that they neglect to repair. This means that they can't be held liable for a trip caused by minor damage such as chips or cracks. Still, they can be liable if a sidewalk is dug up and not replaced, a reported tree limb isn't removed from a parking lot, or another incident was caused by their failure to act to resolve known hazards.

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