See Your Way Through To a Safer Workplace

There is no better time like the present to take a look at potential hazards within your workplace. The closer you look, the more potential risks you will find. In fact, eye injuries at work are exceedingly common. Each year, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics records approximately 20,000 eye injuries that can range from simple strains (staring at a computer screen all day) to severe trauma (penetrating wounds, chemical exposure, burns, etc.) The more you know about the hazards in your workplace, the more you can do to protect yourself and avoid the need to file an injury lawsuit.

Types of Eye Injuries

Eyes are extremely vulnerable to injury. These injuries can occur in every type of work environment. Striking and scraping injuries can occur when debris from cutting or grinding is flung through the air. Blunt force injuries can happen when heavy objects strike the face, such as a falling tool. Sharp shards from grinding, nails, wood slivers, and even staples can cause penetrating injuries. Cooking fires or welding can cause thermal burns, and sloshing chemicals can cause chemical burns.

Missing Machine Guarding Is a Sight for Sore Eyes

Machine guarding does more than prevent entanglements and entrapment injuries. It also helps protect the eyes from flying metal, glass, wood, etc. It protects against chemical splatter, sparks, and much more. Employers in Texas are required to ensure all safety guards are adequately maintained and not deliberately removed from machinery. Many eye injuries reported to the Department of Labor are caused by defective, deficient, or missing machine guarding.

Eye Protection Is Essential

Employers are required to ensure their employees are equipped with the appropriate personal protective equipment. This includes safety glasses with side shields for employees who work with flying particulate matter and goggles for employees who mix or otherwise handle chemicals. It includes goggles, face shields, or helmets for employees who are engaged in welding, fiber optic installation, or tasks that expose them to radiation. In all cases, the employee's personal protective equipment must be tested and rated for the specific job function.

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