Should You Hire a Slip and Fall Lawyer?

Do you need to hire a slip and fall lawyer? Persons who have potential personal injury cases need to hire lawyers. Slip and fall accidents are no exception.

When To Hire a Lawyer

If your injury is costing you a lot of money to treat and causing you to miss work, you need to be compensated. The fault of the defendant in slip and fall accidents is not always obvious. When you retain the services of an attorney, his biggest job will be to get the attention of the defendant as well as the insurance company. It is not possible to settle an individual injury case without having a direct line of communication with the insurer. All cases involving personal injuries boil down to proving damages and liability.

Proving Liability

To get your case settled, or in court, you need to be able to prove liability. This means that the lawyer should be able to prove the defendant’s negligence. This negligence must be the cause of your injury. Proving all this is not very straightforward in a slip and fall case. Your lawyer needs to confirm how the injury occurred because falls can occur very fast. Most plaintiffs do not understand how they went from being upright to lying flat at the bottom of the stairs. The questions that you need to answer include: Which foot missed the stairs? Were you holding the handrail? Which shoes were you wearing? All these facts are important to the insurer. The jury will also need to know the facts before awarding you any compensation. The lawyer has the job of proving that the defendant is legally responsible for the fall. Here are several reasons why you may have fallen:
  • You slipped on something
  • The risers were of different heights, causing you to miscalculate your step
  • You lost your balance while reaching for something
Not all these reasons are the defendant’s fault. Therefore, a good lawyer should examine the scene and find out who is at fault. Do you need  a slip and fall lawyer?  Get in touch with Welmaker Law Firm. We will review your slip and fall case and determine if you are eligible for compensation.