Slip And Fall Settlement Amounts Can Be Substantial

slip and fall settlement amountsNo matter how seemingly insignificant a slip and fall accident may seem, there’s still the possibility of plaintiffs receiving substantial slip and fall settlement amounts. The amount of settlement or damages awarded in each case depends on the circumstances surrounding the slip and fall accident. If the property owner displayed gross negligence in maintaining the premises, for example, the plaintiff may be entitled to a large damage award or settlement even if the injury was not life changing. Do Your Part To receive maximum settlement amounts for your slip and fall case, you’ll want to make sure that you do your part to provide your attorney with all of the information he or she needs regarding the accident. Be thorough about documenting the accident and your injuries. One seemingly insignificant detail might be what you need to win your case and receive the settlement you deserve. Slip and fall settlement amounts also depend on how experienced your attorney is, so don’t be afraid to ask potential attorneys about their experience and expertise when it comes to slip and fall cases. Clear Liability Something else that can greatly increase the amount of your settlement is being able to prove liability. When there isn’t a shadow of doubt that your accident could have been prevented had the defendant taken the proper measures eliminate the hazardous condition that caused your injury, then you stand a better chance of receiving a larger settlement. Other factors that can increase the amount of your settlement are sustaining lifelong injuries from your fall, the need for future medical care or surgeries, and the extent of your loss of earning capacity. Don’t Bother With Insurance Companies You’ll also want to make sure that you don’t deal with any insurance companies on your own. Although insurance companies might offer you compensation, it will likely not be adequate to cover all of your financial losses resulting from the accident. Insurance adjustors may even try to get you to admit fault or otherwise attempt to pay you as little money as possible. To maximize your settlement amount, it is a good idea to let your attorney deal with the insurance companies. If you have sustained an injury in a slip and fall accident, call (800) 494-1916 today to receive a FREE case consultation with an experienced slip and fall attorney at Welmaker Law Firm, P.C.