Three Essential Reasons to Hire an Attorney Experienced in Truck Accidents

truck accident attorney in san antonioTruck accidents in the San Antonio, Texas area are responsible for numerous injuries and deaths every year. When you consider the sheer size of most trucks in comparison to passenger cars, it’s easy to see how devastating harm can occur. Crowded highways, driver fatigue and the pressure on commercial truck drivers to meet tight delivery deadlines can make for a lethal combination. If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, you may be tempted to hire the first personal injury lawyer who’s interested in your case. The problem with this approach is that there are complexities in truck injury litigation that require someone with specialized expertise in the type of liability issues that arise. Here are 3 essential reasons you should hire a truck accident specialist - 1. Multiple litigants Unlike most cases involving passenger car accidents, truck accident liability is extra complicated because of the large number of litigants. In addition to the driver and the insurance company, defendants can include the employer of the truck driver, the trucking company and, possibly, the contractors involved in the transfer of the cargo. And, when the driver is an independent contractor, the case can get even more complicated as your attorney attempts to determine the extent to which the hiring company supervised the driver. 2. Extensive injuries Cases involving an individual who was significantly or permanently disabled due to a truck accident frequently calls for extended research to ensure that the awarded compensation will be sufficient to cover the long-term care required by the individual. In many cases, testimony will need to be offered as to the injured person’s likelihood of permanent or protracted disability. This testimony will need to be secured in preparation for trial. 3. Commercial vehicle regulations The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations are a complicated set of rules that govern driver working hours, equipment, and other important factors. Many truck accidents occur due to failure to follow these essential guidelines. Lawyers with experience litigating truck accident cases are well versed in these codes and can determine whether any violations under this charter have occurred and how they impact your settlement. Personal injury litigation involving truck accidents requires specialized knowledge by an attorney aware of the intricacies of these types of cases. If you’ve been injured due to a truck accident, contact a truck accident attorney in San Antonio as soon as possible.