Top 3 Common Causes for Auto Accidents

Auto accidents happen every single day in Texas.  Generally people exchange insurance and walk away.  In some cases, however, the accident can be life altering.  Knowing the common causes for car accidents can help to prevent them in the first place.  Should you experience a life altering accident, however, there are steps you can take to improve the quality of your life.  Your first step would be hiring a the premier San Antonio accident attorney - The Welmaker Law Firm. The following are the top 4 common causes for car accidents, how you can prevent them, and what to do should you be seriously injured.

Distracted Driving 

Although most people would assume that speeding or drunk driving would be the number one cause of accidents in Texas, it is actually due to people being distracted during driving.  This can include anything from texting to playing with the radio, or even eating.  Driver inexperience tends to lend to the demographic of teenagers and young adults, but anyone can make these driving mistakes.  It is important to put your phone away while driving, and keep your eyes focused on the road at all times.


Almost everyone has sped at some point, whether intentional or not.  You'll see this particularly on open highways.  People also speed for other reasons as well, such as beating a stop light, a train, or passing in traffic. Speeding greatly reduces reaction time, and can result in accidents with substantial damage.  It's never a good idea to speed.  Staying aware of your speed and the posted signage can help prevent these types of accidents.


A serious offense in every state, driving under the influence (D.U.I) is punishable by massive fines, and possible jail time.  According to a survey by the Texas Department of Transportation, in 2014 alone, 24,386 people were involved in alcohol related crashes.  Yet, many people still make the mistake of feeling they are "ok" to drive. The best way to avoid the disastrous consequences of drunk driving, is to simply not do it.  Always make sure to have a designated driver, and a plan in place. If you, or a loved one, find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being injured in an auto accident, it's important to protect yourself.  A Texas board certified auto accident lawyer at Welmaker Law Firm can help you get the compensation you need to move forward.