Watch Out for Errors on Medical Bills

Medical bills will roll in like a tidal wave following a personal injury accident in Texas. It can be overwhelming, and it is easy to miss billing errors when they occur. Some estimates put the number of medical bills containing errors as high as 80%. Thus, vigilance is crucial, and it is important to know your rights so that you don't get stuck paying a bill you don't owe.

Common Medical Billing Errors

Duplicate billing is a common error. This involves sending multiple bills for the same services even after payment has been received. Likewise, wrongful billing involves sending bills for services that were never performed. In both cases, recipients are not required to pay these bills. These problems are increasingly common and highlight the importance of maintaining thorough records of payments and services.

Errors on billing forms are another common type of problem with medical bills. These complicated forms can bounce back and forth between health insurers, healthcare providers, and patients before a final, correct figure is obtained. Often, this involves fighting insurers who may refuse to pay for covered services.

Unbundling/upcoding are nefarious practices that some healthcare providers engage in doing. Unbundling involves separating services into multiple codes and essentially billing for individual services that should have been billed as a single service. Similarly, upcoding is a practice that involves inflating the injuries and diagnosis of a more serious medical condition.

Dealing With Collection Agencies

You are not obligated to speak with collection agents and can file disputes with Experian, Transunion, and Equifax over errors in medical bills that have resulted in collections. However, you will need reliable records to successfully dispute the information on a credit report and stop collection actions. Your personal injury attorney in San Antonio can assist you in compiling the required documentation to dispute this information and cease collection actions.

Surprise! Medical Bills

The first day of the 11th month following service is a magical day. Texas statutes prohibit healthcare providers from sending bills to patients after this period. Receiving a bill this late can be a surprise. However, the law says you're not obligated to pay these. Moreover, the law prohibits collection agencies from pursuing these debts.

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