What To Do When You Dent or Ding Another Vehicle

What do you do when a quick trip to the store leaves the car beside your vehicle dented and dinged? It happens every day, and with parking spots getting smaller and parking lots getting more congested, it is likely, at some point you will hit a parked car and cause vehicle property damage at the grocery store, shopping mall, etc. When that day comes, it is crucial to understand your responsibilities and rights.

The Rules in Texas

The Texas Transportation Code requires motorists to locate the driver or leave a note. The note should explain the damage and what happened. You should also include your contact information. The note should be placed securely and conspicuously on the vehicle, i.e., under the windshield wipers or on the driver's door handle.

Even if there is no visible damage and you don't leave a note with this information, you could be charged with a misdemeanor.

What if there is a person in the vehicle?

If there is a person in the vehicle you hit, there are different rules. Even a low-speed bump can cause personal injuries. When the vehicle is occupied, you are required to give them your car insurance information and registration for your vehicle. You are also required to show them your driver's license if they request to see it.

If there is an injury, you are required to provide assistance. However, be careful. While you can offer to drive the individual to a hospital or urgent care center, it is best to request law enforcement or an ambulance to perform this service. Otherwise, you could expose yourself to unnecessary liability.

Whatever you do, do not leave the scene of the collision, as this falls under Texas hit and run statutes and could lead to significant legal penalties and the loss of driving privileges.

What if your car is dented or dinged and there's no note left behind?

It is a sad reality that fewer people are following the law and leaving notes. When this happens, you can request security camera footage or eyewitness information to determine the culprit and pursue a police investigation. Failing this, you can file a claim with your insurance provider if you have collision coverage.

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