What Evidence Will I Need To Make A Slip And Fall Claim?

slip and fall injury lawyer in San AntonioSlip and fall accidents include three specific types of falls including falls down stairways, uneven sidewalk falls and falls on floors. Regardless of the type of accident, the level of proof necessary to file a personal injury suit is similar. Your slip and fall injury lawyer in San Antonio will work with you to demonstrate:
  • The property owner knew of the condition – One of the first things that must be proven in a premises liability case is that the property owner had knowledge of the condition that caused the fall. A spilled bottle of juice in a supermarket that fell just moments before you fell would not be the responsibility of the owner.
  • Warning signs are not present – When a stairwell has uneven stairs or damaged handrails and a victim cannot see a visible warning sign, the property owner may be liable for injuries.
  • Without hazard, injury would not have occurred – To hold the property owner liable one has to be able to show the injury would not have occurred had the hazard in question not been present.

Types of Proof

While it is imperative that victims of slip and fall accidents receive prompt medical attention, some of the proof that could be helpful to your slip and fall injury lawyer in San Antonio include:
  • Photographs – If you are physically able to take photographs or you have a friend with you that can help by taking photos, they could be very helpful.
  • Statements – Name and contact information of any witnesses to the accident can discuss the conditions that caused the accident.
  • Records – Victims should explain the cause of their injuries to their physician as well as ensure that the property owner is notified of the accident and resulting injuries. Accident reports should be filled out thoroughly.
Remember, it is never a good idea to deal directly with an insurance company after an accident. Refer them instead to your slip and fall attorney in San Antonio. Insurance companies will likely attempt to get you to settle a claim quickly and for less money than you might otherwise be entitled to. Under Texas personal injury statutes, there is a two year limit as to when a suit may be filed.  Additionally, the property owner may attempt to prove you were partially responsible for your injuries under the shared responsibility statues. A slip and fall injury lawyer in San Antonio can help you prove your case.