Who To Contact After An Auto Accident

Finding yourself in a car accident is never a pleasant experience. After an auto accident, you may feel rattled, hurt and unsure of how to proceed. There are some very important phone calls you need to make soon after an accident, including a car accident lawyer in San Antonio. The following is a list of people you will need to contact following an auto accident: 1. The Police The law requires that you contact the police after an auto accident. A police officer will come to the accident scene and write an accident report. This report will detail who was involved in the accident and who the officer finds to be at fault. The officer will ask for your account of the accident to put in the report. Be sure you carefully note what occurred and the timeline of events. It will be helpful for you to take photos of all involved vehicles at the scene, as well. Writing down your account immediately following the accident will also be valuable to your case. Be sure to obtain a copy of the official accident report to share with your San Antonio car accident lawyer. 2. Your Insurance Agent You need to contact your insurance agent to report the accident. The agent will ask you for your account of how the accident occurred. An insurance adjuster will be sent out to determine the cost of the damage to your vehicle and whether or not your vehicle can be repaired. 3. A Doctor An auto accident can leave you with injuries that seem only minor at first. However, the symptoms could be masking a more serious problem. Be sure to see a doctor to evaluate any symptoms you may be experiencing. If you have been injured, it is critical to a potential lawsuit that you get immediate medical treatment. 4. A Car Accident Lawyer One of the most important calls you need to make after an auto accident is to an experienced car accident lawyer in San Antonio. A lawyer will examine your account of the accident and help you understand your rights as well as what to expect in your case. Providing your attorney with your initial observations after the accident is crucial, so contacting an attorney as soon as possible is important. There are important phone calls you need to make after being involved in an auto accident. Be sure you contact the police, your insurance company, a doctor and an experienced San Antonio car accident attorney. Speaking with all of these parties will ensure that you get the assistance you need to get back on your feet after the accident. If you have been injured in a car accident in San Antonio, contact the auto accident attorneys at Welmaker Law Firm now at (800) 494-1916 for a free consultation regarding your case.