Why Hiring A Bicycle Accident Lawyer Is Important

A bicycle accident can happen within an instant. All it takes is one misstep on the part of a driver or a bicyclist . The aftermath of a bicycle meets car or truck kind of accident are often devastating, resulting in severe personal injury and sometimes even death.

Recovery is the most important focus when you are the victim of a bicycle accident. You want to be able to continue on with your former life, work, and take care of yourself. What happens when this isn't possible due to the extent of your injuries? What if your medical expenses continue to pile up? This is when you will want to consider hiring a bicycle accident lawyer who can help you recover your costs.

Knowledgeably Skilled and Experienced

When you hire a bicycle accident lawyer you hire someone who has been down this road before when it comes to representing other clients. This also includes year of experience in representing victims in a range of all types of vehicular accidents. When you're in an accident that wasn't your fault, yet find your life turned upside, it helps to know that a bicycle accident lawyer can help you make sense of the law, so you can financially reclaim your life.

Cause Of The Accident

One of the first steps in getting you the compensation you deserve involves investigation and discovery. As soon as you hire a bicycle accident lawyer, they will begin an immediate investigation of the accident. These facts and proof of evidence will be brought before the court in order to help you receive financial compensation. This includes details of what the traffic was like at the time of the accident, details of the accident, witness statements, police reports, medical records of injuries, etc.

Precautions and Extra Protection For Cyclists and Drivers

While there is no guarantee that you will never be involved in an accident, both drivers and cyclists can plan ahead to stay safe and stay protected.

- As a cyclist, always make sure you stay in the proper lane and ride along with traffic, not facing it. Especially, if there is no specified bike path or lane.

- Make sure you always have a light or reflectors on your bike and you wear brightly colored clothing if biking during nighttime or when the sun begins to goes down.

- No matter how big of a "pain" it is, make sure you always wear a helmet and other safety gear when riding your bike.

- While you HOPE that cars on the road pay attention to you and your presence on the road, you can't always rely on this. Make yourself known and make sure that people see you out on the roadways, paths, and bike lanes.

As a driver of a vehicle, you also should be aware of bike laws in the area and pay attention to roadways and the sides of roads, so you are aware of the presence of bicyclists.

If you have been involved in a bike accident and you are looking for a bicycle accident lawyer, it's a good idea to check out local lawyers in your area who are specifically qualified to represent bike accident victims. Once you find a lawyer who has experience in your type of case, you can sit down for a free consultation to talk about your accident. Consultations can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 45 minutes. After a lawyer has been hired you can rest assured that they will take care of the heavy work for you when it comes to representing your case.

If you need a legal representation after a bicycle accident or need a free consultation or to learn more about your legal rights when it comes to your particular case, contact Welmaker Law Firm in San Antonio at 210.828.6033 or 1.800.494.1916.